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Gabrielle Thomas - Photography

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Portrait  Hello, I am Gabrielle Thomas and photography is my passion. I have always been interested in photography. I started off with a regular point and shoot digital camera. Last summer I traveled across Canada with my mom and aunt and documented the trip in a photo journal. Our destination was the beautiful Gabriola Island in British Columbia. My uncle had a DSLR camera, and when I saw the fabulous photos he took I was hooked. Upon my return a friend let me experiment with her DSLR. After much research about the various DSLR cameras I purchased my own.

  I look at the world through my camera lens and take pictures of anything that inspires me. I like to explore various techniques and subject matter. It is very important to educate yourself on your camera’s functions and read your instruction manual. I also search various photography sites in order to learn new and interesting ways to take pictures. I’m always trying to improve my technique. Some day I aspire to become a professional photographer.