Vehicle Collision Claims Life of Quebec Man

Written by OPP Press Release on .

  On March 21, 2013 at 5:20 pm, members of the Cochrane OPP detachment responded to a head-on motor vehicle collision between two pick-up trucks along Highway 652, approximately 3 kilometers east of the Town of Cochrane. As a result of the collision, a 56 year old male from Quebec was pronounced dead at the scene. OPP Forensic Services and Technical Traffic Collision Investigators attended the scene as part of the police investigation. Highway 652 was once again opened to public travel at 3:00 am on March 22, 2013. The cause of the crash remains under investigation; however poor road conditions, visibility and speed may have been a factor in the collision.

  Weather changes, particularly during the winter, can occur suddenly and dramatically in Northern Ontario. Without warning, sudden storms and plunging temperatures can drastically change road conditions and reduce visibility.

  As a result of the circumstances surrounding this avoidable tragedy the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is reminding motorists of how important it is to constantly adjust driving behaviour to poor road conditions and to set aside additional time to get to your destination.

  The OPP is also asking anyone with information regarding this incident to contact the local detachment.

Contact: Constable Alain Cloutier
Community Services Officer

Authority: Staff Sergeant Mike Pilon
Operations Manager

Phone: 705-272-4391


DC Film Office: Stranger than Fiction Part 2

Written by Scott Ulvstal on .

  Previously, C-TownWeb looked into the background of Richard Trus and asked how he could have been put in such a position of responsibility. Next, we will look at the actions of Trus and the Film Office during its first year of operation.

  As more information comes to light, it becomes apparent that Richard Trus managed to convince the Town that he was a harbinger of good fortune. Through a screen of documents and half truths, Trus built up the myth of a forth coming Data Centre to the Cochrane District.
  If the announcement of a Data Centre for Cochrane is new to you, it is because of the shroud of secrecy Trus and the Town placed around it. Apparently, to ask too many questions would have soured the deal and have the developers look elsewhere.
  One of the prerequisites of the centre, Trus told the Town, was accumulation of 'Film Tax Credits' which could be gathered by attracting film projects and production to the District.
  The DC Film Office was formed with Trus appointed as Coordinator. Under the guidance of Trus, the Film Office soon veered into questionable territory.